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Kevin Murray

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    Probably, given that corporations are legally speaking, people. I think the Ford corporation was charged with negligent homicide awhile ago. Don't remember the outcome. The legally people is a non-sense. They have all the legal benefits with none of the...
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    For those 5000 people, if they lose their jobs, yes. But some of them (10% to 20%?) are probably paid to a level that distorts things like the housing market. And it wouldn't surprise me if the offices are cleaned...
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    Hmmm... Large financial organisations threatening to leave. I can't help but feel that a common response will be "good" (or less polite variants thereof). (I wonder if it is possible to deport a company?) I'm of the impression all currencies...
  • Commented on (Flash fiction) A message from the Laundry public relations office
    The lack of mention of other members of the Royal Family or denial that this was the reason for the (un)fortunate demise of Princess Diana does seem ... strange....
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    On a more positive note: There are some people intelligent and brave enough to try and work towards fixing things in their own way - be that whistleblowing, building associations, pursuing technological ideas or simply saying what is going on...
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    Demographic transition or simply (rapid) demographic growth? I think any demographic stage that grew (rapidly) would suffer. The male/female interaction issue is an interesting one. What does this say for the possibility of problems in China, and therefore as an...
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    That knee jerk reactions tend to result in you kicking yourself in the bollocks? Also that making the symptoms illegal really doesn't cure the disease. More seriously that you cannot stop people who are determined to kill themselves, but (as...
  • Commented on Neptune's Brood: an excerpt
    Please tell me Michael O'Leary hasn't read the opening sentence....
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