Ian Bertram

Ian Bertram

  • Commented on What are you reading this summer?
    I'm trying to work my way through Clive James' translation of Dante. I love Clive James' essays and I love poetry so it was a no brainer. I've just read Ken McLeod's latest - it didn't engage me as much...
  • Commented on The referendum question
    "I favour breaking up the United States, India, and China. Break up the Westphalian system." Its worth reading some of the discussions that took place around Irish Home Rule. 'Home Rule All Round', federalism, break up of England into smaller...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Merchant Princes
    Doesn't sound like there's cosy to be a cosy wrap up to the story, but then I can't imagine how there could be. The idea of US Customs and Border combineing with DHS is enough for several nightmares, before you...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Merchant Princes
    I'm really glad you are taking this story line forward. I remember the way the ending in the previous version impacted on me and it isn't any better this time around. I really don't want things left there. Overall I...
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