• Commented on The Singularity Is Further Than It Appears
    Thanks for a very interesting post. One problem with the concept of emergent mind or sentience is that it has never been experimentally proven. While I believe it is true, there are very smart people like Roger Penrose who argue...
  • Commented on Over-Extended Metaphor for the day
    A quick review of the oldies (my interpretation at least): Lisp: still pretty alive (have you used EMACS recently?) COBOL and BASIC are infamous enough without further introduction APT, GPSS and JOSS: I have no idea JOVIAL: still alive in...
  • Commented on Over-Extended Metaphor for the day
    You have to compare Algol with the other languages of its time. These were, as far as I know, mainly Fortran and various assemblers. The History of Programming Languages I which reviewed the major languages before 1967 listed: ALGOL, APL,...
  • Commented on Another commercial ...
    Congratulations! I don't know if it has been mentioned before, but you have also won another "award", at least among the software and computer people: Volume 4B of The Art of Computer Programming - the current draft of pre-fascicle 5a...
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