• Commented on Commercial interlude
    Charlie, I was thinking of a novella covering the follow -up by External Assets. The question about the 'who' was more rhetorical than hopeful of a reveal. I imagined Iris' "wicked glint" with the sure knowledge of what happened to...
  • Commented on Commercial interlude
    Thank you Charlie for another great read. Loved the jokes and the use of HPL's perchant for letter writing in eighteenth century style. I'd love a follow-up covering the source of the procurement memo's. Who is the thing/person/entity behind the...
  • Commented on Rinse, Drain, Spin ... more Laundry!
    Interesting that the cover is 666 pixels wide but they've obfuscated that by forcing the picture into a different form when displayed....
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Fuller Memorandum
    Actually if OGH did kill everyone off in CNG then he'd be one-upping GRRM in the death of every likeable character stakes....
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