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    Conversely, the Diocese of Chichester say not to dip the wafer in the wine: Because hands can be as much a source of pathogens as lips, intinction is no safer than drinking and can introduce germs into the cup. Intinction...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    I remember about 20 years ago the Times publishing extracts from a book by the name of '51st State', wherein Britain voted to leave the EU and... well, the clue's in the title. The monarchy was dealt with by having...
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    Yes, they'd need to reverse at Redhill. I've heard the tale that those running the SR were disappointed after WW2, because the Germans never managed to hit Redhill Station. If they had, it would have presented the opportunity to rebuild...
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    According to G K Chesterton's autobiography, 'The Party System' (by his brother and Hilaire Belloc) laid out a similar thesis in 1911: The system, according to this view, was essentially one of rotation; but of rotation revolving on a central...
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