Cantering Serpent

Cantering Serpent

  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    Cycling will boom. The main thing that's holding it back at the moment, in those countries where it's not already a popular form of local transport, is (fear of) widespread dangerous driving. If the cars are suddenly all driven safely...
  • Commented on Monarchy versus the Panopticon
    Congratulations to the happy couple, who are presumably in for a period of sleepless nights. I can't think why. Surely they have servants for that sort of thing?...
  • Commented on Lies, damned lies, and popular beliefs
    Even assuming we can fix the damage inflicted on our democratic party system by the growth of the fourth party, how can we hope to elect governments that can engage constructively with actual social problems when the myths believed by...
  • Commented on A Bad Dream
    The UK now seems incapable of democratic reform. All the more reason to opt out of it and split off some smaller, more democratically minded states....
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