• Commented on The impotence of the long-distance trillionaire
    "markets are irrational" -- certainly in the short term, markets are moved by emotion, but in the long term, a market with a large enough number of participants will come up with a pretty good estimate of what the price...
  • Commented on A world-building puzzler
    There is the Inca solution of knotted ropes (as someone else also pointed out on Twitter). If I recall correctly, these were read by touch, not unlike Braille. Unlike Braille, they were not developed from a visual, written language. Not...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Apocalypse Codex
    Charles Stross wrote: "the inner/outer layered doctrinal split thing is common to many new model religions " It's common to many ancient religions, too, the so-called "mystery religions". Christianity may well have begun as a Jewish mystery religion. The "outer...
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