• Commented on Do Zimboes dream of Electric Sheep?
    After a few beers and a couple of glasses of sangria, I don't really care if Charlie's definition of a zimboe doesn't quite match the original. He tells a great story, thereby proving, by his own definition, that he is...
  • Commented on Time tourism: some reaction shots
    Was speaking to a trans friend recently about hormone therapy. Apparently he had counselling and advice about the emotional effects the testosterone would have: flatten out many emotions, but increase anger, with a dramatic tendency to respond to everything with...
  • Commented on The latest news
    vg'f sbe lbhe bja tbbq. gur vaabprag unir abguvat gb srne. gur pbzchgre vf lbhe sevraq....
  • Commented on Who ordered *that*?
    And I should mention the disturbing parallels between the #RacistVan and Australian advertising in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the like telling people not to come to Australia. There are some very disturbing images showing one of these billboards as a...
  • Commented on Who ordered *that*?
    I find it fascinating, (and abhorrent) that over in Australia, we are introducing racist policies (shipping nom-white asylum seekers to PNG), when the main problem here is Brits overstaying visas....
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