• Commented on What are you reading this summer?
    The Expanse TV show turned me onto the books. Loving it - good blend of fairly hard science and action-packed pacing. Only issue is that I am just short of halfway through book 3...and my copy of Nightmare Stacks has...
  • Commented on A purely theoretical dilemma
    I think it's a great deal. I don't see any arguments that are convincing that we would lose all trace of selves in a hive-mind. I do see that we as a species have very high rates (depending on where...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    The Subject did knowingly and with malice aforethought, create a portable containment unit for a malign Class 4 entity. The Subject then packed said containment unit in his luggage for his holidays to visit his extended family in the Antipodes....
  • Commented on Some news about the Hugo voters packet
    That's a shame; the voters packet is AWESOME! That said, I did buy all 3 books, love them all and am glad I am not voting this year and don't have to choose between...just plug all 3 to my friends......
  • Commented on April Fools Day is Cancelled this Year.
    Every so often, someone does come up with an inspired prank... http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/half-life-3-confirmed-ea-purchases-rights-franchis/2216231/...
  • Commented on Marking time, more thoughts
    Got all this way...and no-one's mentioned Judge Dredd? The whole premise for Judge Dredd is that Mega-City One has a population in excess of 10 billion people, and an employment rate of less than 1%... And even then, those included...
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