• Commented on Report on Seat 14C
    And if she's one of the ~6.5 Billion of us who don't use Arsebook? Your claimed "normal" is still actually a 1 in 14 minority interest. 5.5 billion. You're behind, FB has now 2 billion users. And considering that 40...
  • Commented on Some notes on the worst-case scenario
    Bannon calling himself "Leninist" just shows how much of a know-nothing blowhead he is. He lucked out in riding a wave of nationalism and hate, that Breitbart himself started to exploit. He is the most overrated of all the Trump...
  • Commented on The Day After
    Regarding Assange, the far right and Russia: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jamesball/heres-what-i-learned-about-julian-assange?utm_term=.gtNGMR1k8D#.jd4qzKVMmQ http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/05/30/exclusive-former-wikileaks-employee-james-ball-describes-working-with-julian-assange.html...
  • Commented on Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?
    I think additionally all the Psi-stuff is very much tainted through its begin plundered by all the snakeoil sellers, from Däniken over New Age wonder healing to Scientology. Not that modern technology is immune from getting buzzworded by the snakeoil...
  • Commented on Spoiler Thread
    Maybe I'm just too stupid to figure it myself, but was there a deeper reason for all the repeated descriptions of quite a number of things every few chapters? First I thought the Vampire geas made it necessary, and its...
  • Commented on Making history personal
    Oldest building I was in that is still in active use (unlike - say - Roman, Egypt or Greek ruins) - probably our local church which started as stone watchtower over an important north-south European salt trading route in the...
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    That people will trade any freedom for the feel of security. And that this was the most brazen use of Churchill's "Never let a crisis go unused"-doctrine. If you want to change the world in a extremely short time extremely,...
  • Commented on On Syria
    I don't know. After seeing Obama doing for 3 years everything he can to not commit any troops or real help to the various Syrian rebel groups I have a hard time classifying this anywhere near something like the invasion...
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