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    [ DELETED BY MODERATOR - human specialities disallowed ]...
  • Commented on Time tourism: some reaction shots
    The Heinlein story in which a man discovers he is his own father and mother is 'By His Bootstraps': Bootstrapping is a 19th century reference to an impossible action: To lift oneself up by one's own bootstraps. It is...
  • Commented on Time tourism
    Seems to me that the original article picks on the subject of time travel and laments that mostly it's the guys who get to do the active stuff, but surely this is the case in almost every action movie genre....
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    What I've learned from the events of 9/11 (as well as Vietnam, Kosovo, Desert Storm, Shock and Awe, Blitzkrieg, etc.) is that we are all at the mercy of greedy, short-sighted power mongers who will always find a way to...
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