• Commented on The revolution will not be hand-stitched
    I assume the original users will be places where fugly doesn't matter. For example, there might be a rational for custom fitted high tech garments for firefighters, soldiers, athletes, divers, etc....
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    From a geopolitical standpoint, it seems to me that self driving cars mean the end of oil. Self-driving cars (and the scheduling software that works with them, whether centralized or distributed) will be better able to schedule recharging time very...
  • Commented on Parasites
    Can't believe I'm the first one to mention it, but the bot fly (or botfly) is super-creepy and fascinating. The larvae (aka maggots...) burrow under the skin of a live mammal. They feed on the flesh (and prevents it from...
  • Commented on Parasites
    Gut bacteria are much closer to a symbiote than to a parasite, IMHO. There's interesting work being done in the field of "fecal transplant" (exactly what it sounds like) to (help) cure / treat a variety of GI-related conditions. I...
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