• Commented on Making history personal
    Taking the opposite tack, I was on a road trip round British Columbia a few years ago, and visited a building claimed with some fanfare to be the oldest building in British Columbia. It was built some time in the1840s,...
  • Commented on A man walks into a bar
    "I've recently gone off bees, for the obvious reason." "Nahh, the[y']re brilliant! [...] = basilisk gun"! This looks a lot like trying to convince me I should go back to liking bees ... because they're (potentially) clever enough to kill...
  • Commented on A man walks into a bar
    An excellent twist in the long tradition of biologists writing of the horrors that are the family of Ichneumonidae (ichneumon wasps). (For those who odn't know, they're are parasitic wasps - and not just the famous one that paralyses caterpillars...
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