• Commented on The prospects of the Space and Freedom Party reconsidered in light of the crisis of 21st century capitalism
    Brilliant, I'd just suggest a project that is somewhere in between that has some initial traction. Giving significant current and future tax breaks to the contemporary industrialists that are looking to capture asteroids and bring the resources back to near...
  • Commented on The revolution will not be hand-stitched
    One thing you might be missing is that it just may not work. Hardware (even "soft" wear, remembering an old Doonsbury joke)is not quite like software. I know one quite serious research lab had a contract several years ago to...
  • Commented on Another deceptively simple question
    The middle ground may go away, fewer beach books as books, but just as we have live productions of Shakespeare the book as an art object or collectors item will grow in popularity as a wonderful object to own. Art...
  • Commented on Another deceptively simple question
    A really interactive format? Not an updated version of choose your own adventure, page 17 if you think the American tourist did it; page 23 if it was the Scotsman. But the systems are getting to know a lot, what...
  • Commented on Polemic: how readers will discover books in future
    50k books/yr? Will that be a long steady trend? How many of those are fake junk books auto written to be the equivalent of linkbait or spam? While spam is certainly generated I don't see much, gmails tech keeps it...
  • Commented on A deceptively simple question
    The largest social effect may be in the advance in sensory technology. There are certainly amazing advances happening once there is major competition between huge corporate entities, and serious daily tests in the field the sophistication spike and tech cost...
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