• Commented on The Rhesus Chart: Chapter One
    "" Hope you write about a character who is possessed by that Perl Spirit someday....
  • Commented on The prospects of the Space and Freedom Party reconsidered in light of the crisis of 21st century capitalism
    A more libertarian analysis of Piketty: Summary: Inequality is bad and getting worse. The cause is central banks and governments that are essentially owned by the wealthy and powerful. Capital grows due to the difference between real interest rates...
  • Commented on Trotskyite singularitarians for Monarchism! A political speculation.
    Lets face it. No mere human mind can oversee the complexity of human social and economic systems perfectly. So bring on the minds! Surely there will be some cults who have given up hope that humans will ever sort...
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    I ask a slightly different question. Assume that we are an organization like Contact (The Culture books by Iain M Banks). We are genuinely looking for a strategy for intervening in unpleasant societies that are an affront to all decent...
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