Ed Young

Ed Young

  • Commented on PSA: Why there won't be a third book in the Halting State trilogy
    Pity about the Halting State, those are terrific books. Glad to know you're not nessescarily throwing the baby out with the bath water and that there may yet be another Scottish procedural awaiting us in the future. Its such a...
  • Commented on Lovebible.pl
    I would happily pay good money to own a copy of the finished product (Necronomicron or no). This type of thing is right up my alley....
  • Commented on I have a new book cover
    July? Ye Gods. Now that I've finished everything amazon kindle has of Charlie's, I guess I now have time to finish the Culture books next, (and then some) which series I've just last night finished the first of; after hearing...
  • Commented on Spook Century
    This sounds mighty swell. Do you think we over here in the north americas will ever get the revised Merchant Princes books?...
  • Commented on Upcoming appearance: Frankfurt Book Fair
    You're so right, Ryan. A really interactive, Google type map feature would be cool in a lot of books. Yeah, many things are sure to come along in books which will be no doubt be cool. I guess these darn...
  • Commented on Upcoming appearance: Frankfurt Book Fair
    Ah, yes. Guess I got on my high hat a bit fast there. You're absolutely right. There would, of course be many many areas where embeds within a book would be very useful. That's two in the morning speaking for...
  • Commented on Upcoming appearance: Frankfurt Book Fair
    Personally, I think the entire idea of videos, sound, whatnots, etc embedded in a book is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. If I absolutely have to have my narrative entertainment making sounds/displaying moving images at me...
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