• Commented on What scared H. P. Lovecraft
    The trouble is that a Cthulhu based Scientology trying to destroy mankind through unspeakable eldritch rites might be slightly less scary than the real thing....
  • Commented on What scared H. P. Lovecraft
    It wasn't just the scale of modern science that was disturbing. Quantum theory had overturned the very notion of causality, and the clockwork universe so carefully assembled since Galileo and Newton had fallen apart. His other obsession was racial, of...
  • Commented on Why Microsoft Word must Die
    Judging by the comments, the problem seems to be with the concept of "Word Processor". It's clear that the 1983 concept of a program that will produce a typewritten letter on a sheet of A4 paper is obsolete now -...
  • Commented on Why Microsoft Word must Die
    LaTeX? vi? Really? In 2013? That shows how bad things are. It's as if someone with a laser printer decided that carving a wax tablet was more reliable. Word is a disaster because there's an inherent contrast between page layout...
  • Commented on Another deceptively simple question
    To consider what the future of books might be, it's necessary to consider what a book is. Leaving aside illustration, and considering only text - a book is a purely digital object, and has been for quite a long time....
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