• Commented on Roll the dice
    This reminds me of an image in (I think) a Top Ten comic (Alan Moore/Gene Ha), where everyone is a superhero, and a kid (with a mask and a cape) is reading a Business Man comic....
  • Commented on I ain't dead
    I get it. But thanks for your wonderful books! I can't wait for the next Laundry Files and Merchant Princes books. I'm freighted (fraught?) with anxiety and out of love with America™. Doing preliminary research on my father's citizenship to...
  • Commented on Spoiler Thread
    Loved the book, sad about the ending... A genuine cliffhanger, in that we (at least I) really want them to be together in their dangerous cruel universe. We've got the hanging threads of Spooky, Angleton's and Old George's suspension/transportation (no...
  • Commented on Why Microsoft Word must Die
    Very interesting article, and comment stream full of interesting info! I do Word for a living. I got very expert at Word 2003, and don't think the ribbon adds a thing, ease-of-use-wise. But I agree that the whole edifice is...
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