Kyle P

Kyle P

  • Commented on Interview
    Being able to read this in your voice makes it so much better. So whens the next time you're going to make it to Chicago or the USA?...
  • Commented on Eyeballs
    Nope that's the first I've seen it, but it looks nifty. I'm using 2 22" screens and a 19" on one box that supports SLI so no kvm or synergy unless i have my laptop setup next to the desk....
  • Commented on Eyeballs
  • Commented on Eyeballs
    Just make a custom stand and place it behind your desk like i did...
  • Commented on Active down under
  • Commented on Reminder
    Blackmail aka photos...
  • Commented on Reminder
    Ok who wants to see the blackmail
  • Commented on Reminder
    Or use the next best thing like i do, A Semi....
  • Commented on Beer, Cambridge (MA) — and a book
    Hoping you do more beer on Monday or Tuesday in the Cambridge area How does grabbing a pint at The Asgard or Miracle of Science sound?...
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