Andrew Plotkin

Andrew Plotkin

  • Commented on Too Many Thoughts About Genre
    I liked _One Man_ too. Yes, it's pretty violent. At one point... (indirect spoilers in rot13): V ernpurq gung bar cbvag va gur fgbel, fgbccrq ernqvat, naq fnvq "Vs gur yvggyr tvey qvrf, V'z guebjvat guvf obbx npebff gur ebbz."...
  • Commented on Suspense is the key
    What, nobody's mentioned _Doorways in the Sand_ yet? Zelazny thought it would be fun for *every chapter* to start IMR. Zelazny being Zelazny, he made it work. Not recommended for anyone else....
  • Commented on New year's resolution revisited
    Yes, I am the IF Zarf, and I am happy to hear it. :) Enjoy. (--Andrew Plotkin)...
  • Commented on New year's resolution revisited
    I have been playing with the idea that a personal *computer* is a device that runs programs *and gives the user access to its filesystem*. If it doesn't, it's a "personal accessory" or "personal device" or some such term. Because,...
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