• Commented on A nation of slaves
    "'We need a guaranteed basic income scheme. We need it now. Otherwise the wheels are going to fall off, and the results will be extraordinarily ugly.' "In the US, far more politically conservative, and far more armed per capita than...
  • Commented on And in case you think that wasn't bad enough ...
    As a U.S. citizen (so far), I'd like to point out that Texans are not necessarily representative of those of us in the other 49 states. Or even of themselves. As an aspiring (i.e., not terribly skilled) writer, I'm...
  • Commented on A Bird in Hand
    This suggests one possibility for the true danger inherent in discovering one's snark is a boojum. (Also, geesh. And congrats on so successfully adopting and updating the tone of the "White Hart" yarns.)...
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