• Commented on Upcoming Appearances
    The Anthropology Museum at UBC in Vancouver is really worth visiting. Hope you enjoy Western Canada — if you end up driving west of there, there's some amazing natural scenery: The Spotted Lake, the Burgess Shale, the Paint Pots. It's...
  • Commented on Dark State: how to get signed copies!
    So no Charlie at Worldcon in 2017, but hopefully at the Dublin Worldcon in 2018?...
  • Commented on Spoiler Thread
    The ending gutted me. And left me with so many questions! If I understand correctly, the next book will not be from Bob's point of view? Will it be from Alex's? Are there any further short stories planned to bridge...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    Exploited coding error in Angry Birds app to cause users to inadvertently summon angry birds....
  • Commented on Notes from the coal face
    Why would you have changed those restrictions? Having D* Ch*y as the vilain was pretty awesome....
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