• Commented on Too Many Thoughts About Genre
    Well, I haven't done an impulse purchase in ages, guess it was time for one. Bought the book when i got to about comment 50. Guess having guest posts on Charlie's blog to promote them actually works....
  • Commented on Downtime coming up
    Have fun rebuilding the RAID. Hope there are backups? ;) And to spam something unrelated, because it's too good to pass in my opinion: Brilliant move!...
  • Commented on Dark State: how to get signed copies!
    Yay, a mention of Transreal directly on the front page. Just for the record, I've been getting signed copies of everything Stross from them for a while now - I must have 4 or 5 at least. Old school bookstore...
  • Commented on Laundry summer madness sale!
    For the record, in Romania I can buy ebooks off the Amazon US store but not off the UK store. So the "3rd party territories" don't quite overlap. Not that I buy any of your books as ebook lately, I...
  • Commented on Annihilation Score round-up
    Exactly. There are a million cocoa trees in various growth stages, but only one each of Stross, Mieville, Gaiman etc... Also, writers take a lot more than 5 years to mature :)...
  • Commented on Annihilation Score round-up
    This is sort of depressing. You spend a year to write the book and I finish it in one afternoon... Want... more!...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    I *tried* to make some sense of the argument, but all I could think of was "he's playing the think of the children card!" and couldn't even read the other reasons. This is either your worst blog post, or your...
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