• Commented on A hypothesis
    I've read in pilots forums quite doubt as to whether a 777-200ER loaded with 7 hours fuel, passengers and cargo could reach anywhere near it's rated service ceiling let alone 45,000 feet. At least not without deliberate heroic effort and...
  • Commented on A hypothesis
    What are the odds searching an area of the ocean in the million square kilometer range that you won't find some sort of junk bobbing around? 24M is in the range of a boat or a piece of one. It's...
  • Commented on A hypothesis
    I find this all quite chilling. Much has been said about this I won't recap a thing except to add: Someone goofed and they got pinged by satellites. It wasn't meticulously planned enough. Signature of a independent plot not a...
  • Commented on Circumstantial connections
    It just seems more likely you'd find stolen passports in use along routes known to have such lax security. Such I'd be surprised if a plane crashed and the passenger manifest was squeaky clean. So we're hearing the background noise...
  • Commented on Over-Extended Metaphor for the day
    I would have over-extended the analogy to say Microsoft was Scientology .. however in a twisted alternate universe where it became the dominant religion in the space of a decade. The Cult of Apple requires no analogy....
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