• Commented on Gods and genre
    I note that Loki was a woman in the comics for some time (mostly to screw with people), so this is hardly new. That said, Loki was known for various gender-based ploys even in the original mythology. Which brings me...
  • Commented on Generation Z
    Oh, additionally, People aren't going to get the office humor in your Laundry series. Ditto The Office and Office Space. Why? Because even by today's standards,they seem like SUCH NICE places to work. Subsidised housing? A steady Job? A clear...
  • Commented on Generation Z
    I'm 28, and have worked and saved enough now to have come to that conclusion some time ago. I'll never own a house, despite living in a country (Australia) because only baby boomer investors buy houses now, to sell to...
  • Commented on What's The Future For Virtual Reality Movies?
    I feel that the rift would be excellent for exploring second person perspectives. Particularly useful in a theatre like piece. You're Richard III's silent confidant, he motions for you to come closer as he outlines his plots. You race to...
  • Commented on Sitrep
    I would like to join the chorus of people saying that relocating the capital is an extremely bad idea. Case in point, Canberra, Australia's answer to the question. "How can we make something that isolates politicians from the concerns of...
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