• Commented on SF For Nothing, Stories For Free
    Harry potter and the methods of rationality http://www.hpmor.com is a good take on the harry potter universe...
  • Commented on The Pivot
    if you close the panama canal to ships that trade with china you don't need a panama canal. Also Trans Siberian railways been going for a while for exactly the reasons charlie said...
  • Commented on Unforeseen Consequences and that 1929 vibe
    To be honest i feel for her - she clearly hates Brexit. Charitably i see her red lines as public posturing, she never wanted them. but by setting and then retreating she can end up with the half out (as...
  • Commented on We'll all go together when we go
    Just want to point out renewables also include Electricilty and heat from Anearobic Digestion (AD) plants which have come on leaps and bounds in last few years and also take waste out of the equation - key benefits are these...
  • Commented on A different cluetrain
    Just a quick note on democracy v rule of law Capitalism seems to do better under rule of law , democracy is an option, see Hong Kong , Singapore , 18th century Britain etc V Philippines , ukrain etc...
  • Commented on Oh dear
    Quite frankly we could do with 15-20% inflation for a while to fix our overvalued housing and reduce debt levels as well as significantly reducing long term government debt . Arguably the expectation of low inflation is damaging the global...
  • Commented on Some news about the Hugo voters packet
    I see the serial format working for fanfic but there seems to be barriers to serialisation from novelists there are a few experiments out there but not the marketing that it needs to break through I would have though the...
  • Commented on The latest Hugo awards storm
    Hi Charlie To be honest this whole incident has put fans in a very bad light and I'm afraid that I would contradict you and suggest that people should read the comments to see how petty and small minded the...
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