• Commented on Dear Google, am I pregnant?
    The current debate about healthcare records means that we get lots of people phoning us up asking us not to share their records (I sit across the office from the person who has to deal with their calls). What they...
  • Commented on Dear Google, am I pregnant?
    "Hospital and especially GP-level records would include all drugs (by brand name), surgical interventions, diagnostics, etc. Anyone with the right analytics tools/smarts could then mine these data for real honest-to-god evidence of just how effective current treatments actually are." Well,...
  • Commented on Dear Google, am I pregnant?
    I work in the NHS handling large amounts of patient data. Nowhere near as high up the food chain as HSCIC however. The systems I work on are those that make sure that the right patient gets the right drug,...
  • Commented on The latest Hugo awards storm
    Since Jonathan Ross does numerous awards ceremonies (apparently without offending the audience, given by his performance at the Eisners, and the fact that he has been invited back - there's a youtube video of his last appearance) I doubt the...
  • Commented on Dear Google, am I pregnant?
    "hosted on servers outside the UK (and possibly outside the EU, in breach of the EU Data Protection Directive)." That's not actually true, Principle 8 of the DPA states "Personal data shall not be transferred to a country or territory...
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