Bohdan Horst

Bohdan Horst

  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas" (Part 2)
    About walking on foot: It's amazing how well we handle long walks a few examples (and all those below are Mountain Trails!): - Appalachian Trail (US) - 2189 miles, fkt: 41d 7h 39m - Pacific Crest Trail (US) -...
    @393 just my 2 cents "Who exactly are the 1 percent worldwide? Ranking by Income: According to the Global Rich List, a website that brings awareness to worldwide income disparities, an income of $32,400 a year will allow you to...
  • Commented on That sinking feeling
    Hydrofoils are still operating in Poland:
  • Commented on That sinking feeling
    funny (or frightening) guide how to survive in a BIG city when a REALLY bad things happened (in Russian but Google Translate works fine):
  • Commented on CMAP: "Why can't I find audio editions of your books in the UK?"
    "If you use GNU/Linux, you can't access Audible audiobooks at all" That is no longer true - I could access all my audible audiobooks from my Linuxes without any problems - some time ago they changed their Cloud/WWW player from...
  • Commented on CMAP: "Why can't I find audio editions of your books in the UK?"
    In Poland I had to use (cannot use audible UK..) and currently see: 21 audiobooks total: 3 short forms 2 antologies 16 books (The Laundry Files 1-5, Halting State 1-2, Merchant Princes 1-2, Eschaton 1-2, Glasshouse, Accelerando, Saturn's Children,...
  • Commented on Special offer: Neptune's Brood (UK only)
    Neptune's Brood [Kindle Edition] $4.08 ( from Poland : ) (and some more SF for $4.08 : Alastair Reynolds, Ann Leckie and Mira Grant)...
  • Commented on I'm back
    Short clip about Pyrkon: ( Thanks for signing my hardcovers : )...
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