• Commented on Placeholder? Placeholder!
    "Was tempted to make a joke about "pussy grabbing" as new TSA search method," Nothing new there. My sister confirms that that was already happening last year before Trump got elected. No pussyfooting about if you'll excuse the pun, a...
  • Commented on Things Can Only Get Better! (Part 1)
    "Everything should be fluffy bunnies, unicorns and infinite mince pies by then, surely...?" The unicorns would definitely worry me, having read Charlie's take on those. *shudder* (For harmless little bunnies there's always Monty Python and mince pies, would that be...
  • Commented on But it's not April 1st yet!
    "As for boot screens in kiosk systems I've seen my share of Linux-like command prompts blinking away on store displays and the like." Watching the inflight entertainment system on a Cathay 747 reboot was fun. Looking over the back of...
  • Commented on Clickbait spasm: 14 gizmos I used in 2015
    Yup, same here. Went from iPhone 4S + iPad mini to iPhone 6 full stop. Part of that is the increased screen size making a lot more things bearable to do on the phone, another part of that was that...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Equoid
    "(elves, dragons, orcs, and the related underpinnings of Tolkein's matter of Britain)" I'm going to assume you did that on purpose, though the purpose isn't quite clear....
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