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  • Commented on 2010: Part one
    I second Burning Man. You don't have to stay for a whole month. Two weeks will probably do nicely. Travel: Bhutan. There are alternatives to Bhutan in remote areas of Nepal or Sikkim, but that means walking up mountains. Bhutan...
  • Commented on What are the long-term consequences ...?
    Since many people might not know the current cocaine prices: I'd expect 100-140 EUR/g in Berlin. Since this is definitely not pure, expect a share of 5-10% of retail for the Columbian whole salers. ยง35bn/year is plenty money to buy...
  • Commented on What are the long-term consequences ...?
    Dave @30: In bad neighborhoods in Columbia/Venezuela cocaine has a street value between 1-2$/g. In Galicia, where much of the European cocaine enters, whole sale prices are supposedly 25k EUR/1 kg (which might be enough to produce 5kg of street-level...
  • Commented on It's a crime
    What you mention here are rule sets, that collectively constitute a metastructure. If the dominant metastructure is a tribe, you kill anybody who's not part of your tribe. You are even free to eat him. Within the metastructure "humanist society"...
  • Commented on The myth of the starship
    Paul@158: "missing some trick" I assume with AI you mean AGI in this context. So let me lay out a building instruction for general intelligence: You need a food source, a permanently running virtualized self-model that contains at least the...
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