• Commented on Generation Z
    Charlie, I've made a couple of comments on your previous posts that I would humbly suggest you to read... since I provide links that I think might interest you as an author... but I'm not sure if the comments on...
  • Commented on "Write me something fresh and new, but make it just like the last one"
    If I might be so bold : John Michael Greer is currently having a contest about peak-oil related stories : (scroll a bit down for the details, he also explains why he thinks stories are important) Now, I understand...
  • Commented on Yet another bad idea
    If you like satirical speculative fiction, and as I know you like all things Lovecraft-related, then I'm sure you'll love this other speculation about Republicans : (Yes, it's Greer again, what can I do, he's starting to become a...
  • Commented on Generation Z
    I don't know about magician specifically trying to hypnotize you (though I'm aware of what you mean by magic in this context), but he's certainly a very skilled writer. However I also find the "rational" part of his arguments extremely...
  • Commented on Generation Z
    Hello everyone, and especially Charlie. You've been my favorite fiction author for quite a while now. :) It's funny that (the always excellent) John Michael Greer, on his blog The Archdruid Report, is talking this week on almost exactly the...
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