• Commented on Head crash
    Hmm, how about some very near future. The break up of the Euro is increasingly likely - how likely? lets say somewhere between 1 and 25% probability of occurrence in the next two years. On the assumption that the break...
  • Commented on Thought experiment
    My reading of the thought experiment was that if human aging slows by a factor of ten, then the same factor would apply to the period of female reproduction fertility. However, if that is not the case, you end up...
  • Commented on iPad corner
    Hmm interesting ideal laptop/slate combo you put forward there. Can't comment on transformer ergonomics as I don't have one yet... but I am not convinced there is anything that wonderful about the iPad 2 either. Usability well, based on Android...
  • Commented on iPad corner
    Hmm. I know the answer to this one. Sell the Ipad and get and Asus transformer with docking station. Tell me you haven't been considering it....
  • Commented on Beer in Manhattan
    I wasn't aware that Charlie was in Boston last week and as I only fly over there on Saturday morning - getting to last weeks show wouldn't have been doable. Never mind...
  • Commented on Beer in Manhattan
    Your road trip does take you to Boston next weekend by any chance does it? If you are there and speaking, I will drop by....
  • Commented on Julian Assange, defending our democracies (despite their owners' wishes)
    I do enjoy your posts Charlie!! Interesting read on the articles of faith underlying Wikileaks and I would suggest not too far aware from the thought process that informs our coalition overlords when they publicise swathes of government spending. It...
  • Commented on Books I will not write #4: Space Pirates of KPMG
    Damn your eyes - such interesting blog posts when I am nominally working. I will be back later with some questions...
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