• Commented on "I dream of one day slapping handcuffs on a belligerent junkie."
    Hang on, Star Trek is science fiction? It's a thankless task to argue that it's fantasy if it's got magic in it, and Star Trek's spaceships are powered by mystical handwavium, but I can't resist that. Maybe you should have...
  • Commented on Egypt
    "the total-capitalism no-safety-net Hong Kong model to Scandinavian-style social welfare" Hong Kong does have social housing, public healthcare, free/subsidised education (free for primary, subsidised up to university level), so I don't think it's quite the right example for a no-safety-net...
  • Commented on The hard edge of empire
    A steampunk version of the Wire? So, er, nothing much going on for nine-tenths of the time, surrounded by pseuds, and then revealing a drug trade orchestrated through a steam powered RSS reader?...
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