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Michael V

  • Commented on Empire Games
    I have a question about Amazon sales numbers. If I bought the paper book from Amazon, and took advantage of their Kindle version discount for paper book buyers, does that count as two sales for you, or just one?...
  • Commented on Cover reveal! The Nightmare Stacks
    Hey Charlie, if you can, visit Casa Milà while in Barcelona. It's amazing and much more accessible (and less crowded) than the cathedral. (Which is also admittedly stunning.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casa_Milà...
  • Commented on Book Launch
    Ever play the Gamecube game "Eternal Darkness?" Excellent Lovecraftian RPG that involves pretty much that situation. Color-coded, even. The only video game that's ever actually made me scream out loud. (When the controller cable hit my leg at 2AM while...
  • Commented on Apology
    The Trenchant Princes...
  • Commented on Down tools
    Excellent, Charlie, congratulations! Are you giving yourself a week off now?...
  • Commented on Crass commercial interlude
    There's some weird universal convergence going on right now. Just yesterday, I received a solicitation for the Broadmoor hotel in the mail. I'd never even heard of it before seeing it in this thread. So. Creepy....
  • Commented on Amazon: malignant monopoly, or just plain evil?
    I have one reason that I use the Amazon app for reading right now - I read on several devices (computer, iPad, Android phone), and it automatically syncs my last-read position. Is there another reading app that does this? Or...
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