• Commented on Down tools
    Been trying to figure out how to use Scrivener — my oldest son got a twofer as some sort of a nanorimo (did I spell that right?) promotion, gave me one, and I have carefully walked my way through the...
  • Commented on Introducing new guest blogger: Nicola Griffith
    Hild also available at Barnes and Noble, if someone has issues with Amazon -- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hild-nicola-griffith/1114317910?ean=9780374280871...
  • Commented on Some rambling thoughts on region restrictions
    "This was fine in the old paper book days..." Fine-ish. My grandmother moved to Scotland; Christmas and birthdays got us hardbacks of books unavailable in the US at the time (to the best of my knowledge). I've got 40-50-year-old English...
  • Commented on Vacation
    My wife says, "Clyde Butcher" (photographs of old Florida). Nope, his galleries are a little out of the way. re #12, what ages you is not the heat+humidity, it is the steady dose of UV. Take sunscreen, take a couple...
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