• Commented on Thought experiment
    The very recent history of anti-HIV combination drugs provides little room for optimism here, and they offered the comparatively small advantage of returning a few years to decades of life to people previously assumed to be mortally ill. Monopoly over...
  • Commented on Thought experiment
    It's the "mass produced for roughly $5 a shot" line that takes this from the realm of merely science fiction to outright fantasy. The moment the more-or-less-eternal-life injection is patented, the holder of that patent will be holding on to...
  • Commented on The internet is full. Go away.
    The reliably cranky Dan Bernstein wrote this summary of the difficulties of the ipv4->6 transition back in 2004. Six years later, not a lot has changed, except for the imminence of v4 address exhaustion. Expect a bumpy ride....
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