• Commented on Dread of Heinleinism
    Personally, as a middle aged white guy with a kid, I wouldn't mind a heinlein-esque juvie from you. Maybe the Incan warrior princess? ;)...
  • Commented on Sitrep
    What is "The Other Blog..."? I don't remember you referencing it before. I assume it's run by someone horrible like VD?...
  • Commented on Annihilation Score round-up
    Overall, quite enjoyed it. Lots of hooks for future novels, glad she's rid of it. But. Bob, wtf. "I really need to talk to someone about applied containment theory. When I get time"?!?! Yes, I get it, but damn it,...
  • Commented on Spoiler Thread
    Yeah, the first chapter and the last couple pages were really quite dark and a downer. A friend who just finished it basically asked where your sense of whimsy went. I said "CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN". Overall, loved it. Given the...
  • Commented on One week to go to THE RHESUS CHART
    Thanks, sir. I seem to recall that last time it was an option, so if it was this time, I wanted to Do The Right Thing and give my money to the right folks. Appreciate the answer....
  • Commented on One week to go to THE RHESUS CHART
    Charlie, is there going to be a DRM-free ebook option this time around? If so, any recommendations or suggestions as to ebook stores? On Apocalypse Codex, despite the whole "DRM-free" version, I had to fight with Amazon to get a...
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