Ted Lemon

Ted Lemon

  • Commented on 2117 revisited
    It could go the other way: learning languages is now a lot easier than it used to be, and if we actually have more leisure time, language could become a hobby. My fluency in German is much better than it...
  • Commented on I can't keep up
    Do you remember reading "A Fire Upon The Deep", specifically the part where the perversion takes over Straumli Realm, and thinking to yourself "okay, that's plausible, but I probably won't live to see anytihng like that, thank God?" (Or possibly...
  • Commented on Eleven Tweets
    It's a really good point that any use-based structure is going to incentivize bad behavior, whoever it is that's doing the paying. If it's not flat rate, you still are going to wind up seeing clickbait....
  • Commented on Eleven Tweets
    Perhaps an even more important question is, who is going to do it, and how? I often find that people come up with solutions that would work if there were an all-powerful actor motivated to implement the solution; the problem...
  • Commented on A question about the future of the world wide web
    I signed up for Google Contributor when it came out. I signed up for a monthly contribution of $10. So far they've paid out $0.12 to rotten tomatoes, and also paid out to some other sites for amounts that are...
  • Commented on Chilling Effects
    Sad to say, I put off reading The Red for a long time because despite being a huge fan, I don't really like military SF, and it sounded depressing. I was surprised when I finally read it, probably as a...
  • Commented on From the hemline index to the vampire/zombie ratio: SF/F by the numbers
    The housing market in San Francisco took a noticeable dip in about 1997 (right when I needed to sell, which is why I remember)....
  • Commented on Keep the money in the family
    I'm really enjoying Hild—thanks for talking it up. I am frustrated by Book View Cafe: it needs a better organizational model. E.g., I went looking for Vonda McIntyre because I like her stuff, and the first book to show up...
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