Paul Mc Auley

Paul Mc Auley

  • Commented on Suspense is the key
    Hrm. Since someone has to mention it, although the height of the drama is relative... doesn't The Colour of Magic open thus? Burn a city to the ground and then wind back to the establishing events. Followed by subsequent adventures....
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    (Scans thread) Yipe. (Insert tongue firmly in cheek) Bet an island on the east of the Atlantic will still be complaining about how it was invaded by an adjacent island centuries before (but the names may have changed). Otherwise, I'd...
  • Commented on A product review, and some musing
    Funny thing about the off-brand chargers. Depending on the relative greyness of the market in question, stories indicate that malware should be the least of your worries. I'm pretty sure it was one of the UK consumer programmes which I...
  • Commented on An exercise in futility
    I'm pretty sure that the version on Blue are the Lyrics^W^W^Wis the Colour has the non-"Radio Edit" version. Generally speaking I take Radio Edit to mean that they've substituted out explicit lyrics, although in some cases I guess it can...
  • Commented on An exercise in futility
    So the software gives not one fuck, but it does take them away? It is a bit of the thin end of the wedge, it starts with vocabulary, then extends to semantic analysis for vile acts and so through to...
  • Commented on The Curse of Laundry
    Regarding the curse itself, I guess then that's a case of Life intimidating Art?...
  • Commented on Some thoughts on turning 50
    Happy Birthday! As for the epitaph: "I didn't get where I am today by acting my age"...
  • Commented on Apology
    Carrying on in the vein of appropriating other people's names: (When) Two Tribes Go To War Multiverse Wars: A New Hope Revenge of the Family Eve of the War I'd try and do a pun on The Fourth Protocol, but...
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