• Commented on You say sin, I say disease
    Does it actually matter if its gluttony or viral? I live in a house with central heating, regularly travel further in an afternoon than my great-to-n grandparents could travel in a week, have infections cured with antibiotics and talk to...
  • Commented on Cars (again)
    I wouldn't be surprised to see different status indicators take hold in a century's time, but I'm not sure what will prevail. (Outward signs of discretionary gene therapies? Will being physically elderly be a symptom of poverty?) Given the...
  • Commented on Cars (again)
    I think your also ignoring the changes to trade that things like this will cause - a vehicle that drives yourself is a vehicle that will deliver your shopping/amazon package/misc at a time of your choosing. Expect UPS, Fedex and...
  • Commented on Cars (again)
    Privately owned cars will exist, but will function more like a chauffeur-driven limo. They won't even need to be parked by your house; whistle and it'll come when you need it. I've suspected that this is the long term...
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