• Commented on The coming storm
    My opinion on the "risk to NATO / Russian invasion of Poland/Finland/The Baltics" - and note I've been living in (central) Poland since before the current invasion. The risk started and ended at that one errand rocket that killed two...
  • Commented on All Glory to the New Management!
    Late to the party but I'm glad it has been mentioned that actual neurons (and there are dozens of types) are very much not a "weighted sigmoid function". There's a paper "Dendritic Computation" back from 2005 that basically ends with...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Neptune's Brood
    I had similar feelings to yours, now I believe that the 'finance totally disconnected from reality' may be there, but only on the fringe. Still, valuation is more of an art than science, even with all the reasonably-well founded methodologies...
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