• Commented on An age-old question
    Here's a thought...right now in the US, as we face a possible 2016 Presidential race between a Bush and a Clinton...if people are living so much longer, might the generational conflicts within families become more important that the idea of...
  • Commented on Unwelcome reality excursion
    Interesting... Ok, then Britain would have been on the front line in the Cold War, with many attempts at US infiltration (Britain would have become the weak underbelly of the USSR)...consequently, a heavy Soviet hand, which means the "locals" nominally...
  • Commented on Martial arts and the cycle of bullshit
    Interesting....but isn't that the general path for almost every form of education? I think of tennis. I can drill for hours with an instructor, but that is not the same as playing a match. Or philosophy--it is an abstraction from...
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