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Ivan Bushmarinov

  • Commented on Sometimes I don't know why I bother!
    The most famous one it "Timur and his team": https://deti-online.com/skazki/rasskazy-gaydara/timur-i-ego-komanda/...
  • Commented on Sometimes I don't know why I bother!
    The Russian Revolution is an endless supply on unbelievable biographies. Let's take for example Arkady Gaidar. A teacher's son born in 1904, he volunteered for the Red Army at the age of 14 (having lied about his age). Quickly rised...
  • Commented on Second childhood?
    Many of the best indie webcomics out there participate in a web-group called The Hiveworks. It is about as good a selection of ongoings as it gets: Stand Still Stay Silent, Guilded Age, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Atomic Robo...
  • Commented on In Defense of Fantasy: #2 The Imagination's Sandbox
    The cultural ties with medieval Europe via "classic" literature and history may be a neat explanation for the popularity of English-language "Traditional Eurocentric Quasi-Medieval Fantasy" among both readers and writers. Andrzej Sapkowski expressed similar views while discussing why there is...
  • Commented on Let's put the future behind us
    Sorry for the off-topic, but could anyone who had read the Jack Womack's book “Let’s put the future behind us” tell me what he thinks this book is about and what historical period (if any) in what nation it depicts?...
  • Commented on Parallel Reconstruction and the new Stasi
    Wasn't this 'parallel construction' described (if not named) when it was explained exactly how the NSA guys used the backdoored elliptic curve algorithm without mentioning that they have the backdoor?...
  • Commented on A brief, bitter quiz
    I tried to mention this on Twitter, but 140 letters in a foreign language is often too harsh a limit. It really seems to me that the Western forces never had any clue about motives and ideology of people they...
  • Commented on Martial arts and the cycle of bullshit
    Thank you for a deeply inspiring and informative post. I have never had any martial arts training, but I can understand the emotions of instructors who went back to teaching "martial arts" after learning the hard way that they will...
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