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    "But to Mr. Rottweiler, those don't count! A strange and sad position." You are correct, my assertion is that those don't count. What is truly sad however is that you seem unable to view the big picture and instead focus...
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    "You simply can't say ..." Yes I can. Nothing of consequence will change. The bankers and ruling class will continue their reign of theft. The steady erosion of our liberties will continue. Our education system will continue to fail. Etc.,...
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    "You do? Really? I'm not sure I believe you. Elections are the best way of introducing accountability into government without descending into mob rule or openly privileging the wealthy." Yes, I do. I see little/no evidence that elections introduce accountability...
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    "How about jury service as a selection mechanism for legislators?" Yes. Also, a simple volunteer system with a lottery could work. Statistically we'd be less likely to get the high concentration of sociopaths/psychopaths that dominate elections. After observing the results...
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    I find it amazing, puzzling and frankly somewhat frightening how much, er, faith is placed in elections as a means of choosing rulers. (By seemingly all here, not just the Brits.) Based on the evidence, it seems an obvious truism...
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