• Commented on Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Cthulhu
    "and they will think they are in heaven." Or in Hell......
  • Commented on Annihilation Score round-up
    "Just went out to Barnes & Noble to find that they didn't have "The Annihilation Score", at all, but they could order it for me." Annihilation Score is not referenced in Strand NYC database yet. Some trucks got lost on...
  • Commented on On the road again!
    Too bad it's monday ! I'll drink Champagne instead !...
  • Commented on Sitrep
    Pub ? Beer ? New York ? count me in if I can ! I'll be the french minority....
  • Commented on Wag that puppy
    Totally, Martin, that's why I used past when I wrote "what he did in his young days.". And I guess your 10th Dan Judo Black Belt could not fight anymore but probably was able to teach even good grapplers one...
  • Commented on Wag that puppy
    "he's actually quite good at Aikido"... Yep. Segal, even if he's a terrible actor is a 7th dan Blackbelt in Aikido. At this level of practice, Tricia, he knows more about stance, strength and body mechanics and where to break...
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