Kyle Spaans

Kyle Spaans

  • Commented on Random thought for the day
    It occurs to me that lawyers are preferable to soldiers, in many ways. This isn't to spite the honor of honorable soldiers, it's simply that one has to ask whether it isn't more civilized to settle disputes in a heated...
  • Commented on The Scottish Political Singularity, Act Two
    Anecdote: I'm Canadian and 26 years old. Moved to the UK 13 months ago. 40% of my net worth is in a retirement account back in Canada (not sure how much I have in Canadian government pension, though), and I...
  • Commented on Inverted realities
    Ophiocordyceps!! Yessssssss!!!1 But what's a sexy, anthropomorphic version? Artists' muses? Capitalist CEOs? Mountaineers who die on Everest?...
  • Commented on Leading question
    Thank you for pointing out my silliness. I had recently read [0] and my optimism imagined the opposite direction. If inexperienced Albanians suffered from all the pyramid schemes, then maybe experienced people fare better. In 2007 I was in early...
  • Commented on Leading question
    the increase of mutual fund investing. The reason for buying mutual funds is to reduce risk; however no one ever talks (much) about who actually gets to vote the shares. Mutual funds are nothing new: they are expensive (1-3% of...
  • Commented on The morning after
    Would a more devolved UK look like Canada? With the various regional 'parliaments' being a lot like Canadian provinces?...
  • Commented on The morning after
    Staying up to watch the counts! (Context: I'm a 20-something Canadian expat writing software (ex-RIM employee, lulz) for a company in London, I have no pony in this race.) As I hadn't heard of Salmond before OGH mentioned the referendum...
  • Commented on The referendum question
    Do Yes voters expect that SNP will become the leading political party of iScotland? Is a Yes vote necessarily a vote for SNP (or a party a lot like it) to control iScotland? How mad would Salmond be if he...
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