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    even if you only got a third of the output in the UK that I get here (You'd actually get about 80%), "Citation needed." COS(33.9 degrees = Sydney) / COS(51.5 degrees = London) = 0.75 and that is ignoring...
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    The thing about HS2 is it's nothing but endpoints; it can't provide any service to intermediate stations because it doesn't go there. Just the same as TGV and Shinkansen then. it cannot increase the available track capacity on conventional lines....
  • Commented on The referendum question
    "if [bad things then] get the chance to extract your country from the relationship that resulted in them being dragged into that war, isn't that trying to do your best for your country to be "best and good"?" (a) The...
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