• Commented on Back again
    I did that route on a bicycle Charlie. Character forming. The "Free" rental upgrade makes sense when you realize gas tank refilling is a major profit source for rental companies. Nothing free about it, then want you to have a...
  • Commented on iPad corner
    Superb review - as always your kit reviews are top notch. I assume these would work with an iPhone as well. I'm disappointed that nobody has emulated the old Palm kbs and build one with an integrated iPhone cradle. Obviously...
  • Commented on On dealing with exhaustion and its causes
    Good to hear you might get a break. I'd say middle-age has its sucky side, but then how would we describe old age? Better to say entropy is overrated. Hope you're getting sleep and exercise in the healing mix. It's...
  • Commented on Utopia
    Wonderful post. In Gordon's Notes I use "Enlightenment 2.0" as my tag for posts on this topic. Sparse lately I admit. In my case it's perversity. When all looks doomed one might as well be a relative optimist. Failure is...
  • Commented on You say sin, I say disease
    http://www.economist.com/node/17572242?story_id=17572242&fsrc=rss cites teh same research. It's genuinely weird, but my hunch is that the research won't hold up. Radical claims require radical evidence. We'll know in a few years. Still, I do admit viruses are way, way, weirder than we...
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