• Commented on The Nakamoto Variations
    One of my friends asked something similar from me a while back for a writing workshop they had. I suggested following scenarios: 1. Bunch of aliens (or demons or whatnot) get stranded around here. To get back home they need...
  • Commented on Metacommentary
    Those type (b) elves sound like someone out of Kirill Eskov "The Last Ringbearer". It's great alternate history (although somewhat uneven) story about "true" Middle-Earth history. Elves from Ringbearer were nasty bastards who used their magic to push humans back...
  • Commented on A brief, bitter quiz
    I find it very disturbing that western world is methodically destroying all regimes we can actually negotiate with. While shah, Saddam, Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad and others were far from being nice guys, they somehow managed to build secular or moderate...
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