• Commented on The End of the British nuclear deterrent?
    Minor typo in that last link, Charlie - you've got the ) outside the quotes. (Still works; Wikipedia has a redirect in place. But it does look a little peculiar.)...
  • Commented on The Day After
    As has already been noted, the no-longer-giving-away-electricity thing applies only to new purchases (cars purchased after January 1 2017, and/or received after April 1 2017.) Existing owners still get free access. I fully expected this day to come, though, as...
  • Commented on The Nightmare Stacks: US Launch
    So, like, in the next five weeks? (Hey, a guy can hope, right?)...
  • Commented on Terry Pratchett
    You misunderstand me. My fault; I could have been a bit clearer in what I intended to say. I'm not saying "don't read TCoM or TLF". I'm simply saying "you probably don't want to start there; they aren't his strongest...
  • Commented on Terry Pratchett
    Clicky. Personally, I'd recommend the Death or City Watch streams to start, with the Witches coming in third - but it's up to you. They're all good; the only thing to be aware of is that The Colour of Magic...
  • Commented on A message from our sponsors
    The antipodal point on the planet from where I live is about 500 nautical miles south of the bottom of South Island. It's a long way from home.Oh, I do realise that, most definitely. Anybody in .au who has travelled...
  • Commented on A message from our sponsors
    Awesome! Another Laundry novel to look forward to. Guess I should get around to reading the Rhesus Chart, then... (short version: life has not been Happy Fun Times for me for a little while, and when the starting chapter finished...
  • Commented on A brief, bitter quiz
    A nit: I wouldn't be putting photovoltaic panels in the middle of the Sahara. Not with those lovely, lovely sandstorms that are liable to blow up at the drop of a hat. No, I'd use mirrors to concentrate the sunlight...
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